"TIG Welding" with Silicon Bronze


What you will see in this episode:
In this episode of TIG Time, we will teach you "how to weld" with Silicon Bronze. This filler is good for many applications, including "welding" two dis-similar materials together. Many people refer to TIG welding with Silicon Bronze, when actually it is brazing. The reason it is good for "TIG welding" dis-similar materials is because it has a melting point that is lower than most metals, so we don't have to melt the base material. For these same reasons, it should be noted that Silicon Bronze is not a good choice for critical parts, because it is not as strong as a traditional weld.

Equipment Used:
Power Source: Lincoln Electric - V205-T
Welding Helmet: Lincoln Electric - Viking Tribal 1840
TIG Torch: CK WorldWide - 9F Aircooled Torch
Welding Gloves: Lincoln Electric Leather TIG Welding Gloves