Monday, 29 July 2013 23:31

To Mig or Tig or just Stick it!?!?!?

The Runner, a contemporary art sculpture by Kevin Caron, in progressWhile working on my new sculpture "The Runner" I ran into a problem. After fiting the top of the base in place and tacking it in place I was ready to do the finish welding. One section was done with no problems at all, but then everything went to worms!! Trying to MIG weld the outside joints was giving me nothing but porosity!  I turned off the evaporative cooler, thinking that might have been the problem, and tried again.

Same results.

Cleaned up the mess and closed the doors..... Same problem!!

Tried a different MIG welder - you have to eliminate the possibilities, right?  Same  results again!?!?!?

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