Horizonal V-Groove MIG Welding

What you will see in this video:
In this episode of TIG Time, we are back in Ark City, KS with head welding instructor at Cowley College, Bob Moffatt. In the final episode of this 3 part series on MIG welding, Bob demonstrates "everybody's least favorite weld"... The Horizontal V-Groove weld.

The "Horrible-zontal" Weld:
Horizontal V-Groove welds are often refered to as the "horrible-zontal" weld, due to the fact that it is generally everybody's least favorite weld. Why is it so horrible? Well, there are a few reasons:
  • In many horizontal welds the bottom plate is flat to provide a shelf so the molten metal does does run out of the joint (Figure 1). In the Horizontal V-Groove (or Horrible-zontal) the bottom plate is also beveled to a 30 degree angle (Figure 2), making it much more difficult to learn how to weld this application.
  • When welding the cap pass, you have to do it in multiple stringer passes.

Horizontal Weld - Flat Bottom ShelfHorizontal V-Groove Weld