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You never know what subject you might find discussed in artist Kevin Caron's "The Art of Welding" column, but you can bet it will be right to the point in his usual straightforward style. He usually discusses welding and fabrication as well as the joys and challenges of being an artist, but he may also muse about his other pursuits, such as motorcycle riding or science fiction. One thing you can be sure of, it will never be boring!

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The Importance of Marketing

Written by  July 20, 2013

While I am busy having fun in my studio creating my work, my business manager is busy keeping my name and my work in the public eye. From keeping the website fresh with new content and adding my videos on YouTube every week, she makes sure the search engines will keep me at the top of the list. This has led to private sales as well as commissions, both public and private. When the local PBS station was looking for artists to interview, they consulted a local gallery and then found me on Google. The live TV interview came just two days later. There is also a chance the segment may go national.

Here is the link to the interview...

All of this helps to keep my work in the public eye and will lead to more exciting things happening in the coming months. So to everyone who makes a living selling your work or wants to: promote, network and advertise.

If your market doesn't know you are there, they can't buy your work!

About Kevin Caron:
Kevin Caron has been a full-time sculptor since 2006. His public sculptures appear in public and private places from coast to coast. They include public pieces in cities including Tucson, Arizona; Chandler, Arizona; Avondale, Arizona; and Temple, Texas, and more than other 30 commissions. On his YouTube channel at , Kevin's more than 250 videos about metal fabrication and welding have garnered more than 3.7 million views. See and hear his work at Caron lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.


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