How to Fill Holes with the TIG Welding Process

What you will see in this episode:
Whether you are welding on a classic car or repairing a hole that you accidentally burned out, this video will show you how to build up the filler metal to repair the damage using the TIG welding process.

The Setup:
When repairing holes in your welding projects it is important to start with a foundation of metal. It is also important to keep in mind where your ground is placed. If you are welding on your vehicle (like in this video), it is also best to put the ground clamp as close as possible to the weld so that you don't hurt the electronics in the car.

The Welding:
Once you are all setup and ready to weld, start on the bottom of the hole and use a circular motion to fill it in, slightly overlapping each time. Continue this motion until the hole is completely filled in with weld metal.