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Friday, November 25 2016, 09:03 PM
I have a mig welder that has volt and amps, and not wire speed feed.
Does anyone have a table or fomula to convert feed speed to amps?
Thanks sharn.

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    Sunday, November 27 2016, 04:56 AM - #permalink
    Hi Sharn, It all depends on a series of things. 1) what wire diameter are you using. 2) The type of weld you want ( ie, thin guage RHS or structural steel sections) 3) are you using solid wire or flux-core are you doing dual-shield. Most Mig machines have a cheat sheet on the inside of the cover door, that should get you close. All Mig machines seem to use their own method of dial readings. Some have letters for the Volt knob and Numbers 1 to 10 for the wire speed. Some have numbers for both. mostly they mean next to nothing untill you try different configurations to get the weld type you want. I have used a number of different brand machines, and they are all a little different. My machine is a Lincoln Electric STT2, It is basically a "Pulse Mig". I use 0.9mm ER 70 S-6 wire, 190 inches a minute wire speed, 320 Amps Peak current and 75 Amps Background current. My Volts change with the amount of stick-out you have. So if you are using C-25 gas, set it to about 12 Litres per minute, set your Volts to (say) 20 Volts, then play with the Amps (which on a standard Short Curcuit Mig is Directly connected to wire speed) untill you get the depth of penetration you want. See, it may be a bit more complex than you thought. Or find a handbook for your machine, do a search on the Internet, or have an Experienced welder play with it to get you in the ball park. Lots of luck Scott.
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    Wednesday, November 30 2016, 06:20 PM - #permalink
    Hey Sharn, Have you looked at the manufacturer's website?
    Jack of all trades and master of a few. :D
    I know what I know and do what I do.
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    Sunday, March 05 2017, 12:14 AM - #permalink
    Hi henry,
    They have shit all info on anything.
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