What cutting equipment to start with?

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Thursday, March 30 2017, 11:09 PM
Am considering a dry-cut circular saw to get started with. Am concerned with how well such a saw will perform on material thinner than 3/16" to the thinner sheetmetal gauges. Mainky will be doing 1/8" or thicker. For the thinner gauge metal, am thinking of getting the Hobart 17 Air plasma cutter, but no idea if the tips will burn up fast if in direct contact with the workpiece.
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    Friday, March 31 2017, 12:09 PM - #permalink
    get yourself a good abrasive saw. it will outperform a dry cut saw (carbid saw???) in hard steel and will do a fine job on mild steel and will perform well in thin steel . A carbid saw ismore expensive than abrasive saw but it outperform the abrasive saw in the mild steel. The best is have both.

    I did not saw any plasma that you can make tip contact your work if there is any , I don t belive the tip can last.

    If you want to cut only steel , get a set of oxy, acetylene or oxy propane. you will be able to use it for heating , cutting steel , fusion welding and braze welding ( cast iron). plasma is limited to cutting but atleast you can cut , aluminium , copper, stainless steel, steel and other conductive metal.
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