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Saturday, July 02 2016, 12:46 AM
I am about to pull the trigger on a new TIG machine, but I'm torn on which one. I am not a complete newbie to TIG welding, I started with OXY then moved to a scratch start torch on a buzz box, and the first time I used a transformer with HF start and AC I was in love! I will be using it for hobby use, simple fab stuff and maybe more down the road. I definitely want an AC/DC machine but I'm torn between these two.

The Lincoln is new, and costs around $1400, and the AHP can be found around $750. Both have great reviews, but here is my dilemma. The AHP is a Chinese machine with OK accessories but a little more flexibility in settings. The Lincoln is well, a Lincoln. Fantastic warranty, parts are available anywhere and everything that comes with it are great. It is pretty much a set and forget machine, simplified for ease of use. I won't need to upgrade anything, except a stubby gas lens kit but that would be for either machine. The issues with the AHP is that it's Chineese, the foot pedal is just OK, the torch has mixed opinions but there is money left over with a $750 price tag where you can upgrade whatever is needed.

I am heavily leaning towards the Lincoln simply due to the fact that it's a Lincoln, but the money savings with the AHP cannot be ignored. I feel like a woman in a shoe store......
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    Saturday, July 02 2016, 07:34 AM - #permalink
    I have used both welders. The AHP is made in China, the Lincoln is made in Mexico with Chinese parts.

    They both have their pro's and con's.

    The pedals both work well, depending on what your used to is the biggest difference.

    The torch on the AHP works, I don't care for it. The torch on the Lincoln is better but its not that great.

    The AHP has more settings and can be a little more fine tuned then the Lincoln, but if your looking for simple then the Lincoln may be the best choice.

    They both have a 3 year warranty. AHP will cost you shipping for repairs if its over 30 days old. The Lincoln you take it to the nearest dealer and drop it off for repairs.

    The Lincoln is $1400 and the AHP is $800, that leaves you $600 to upgrade the torch, pedal and get a stubby lens kit.

    Lets not forget that both will need a bottle of argon at around $200.

    Put them both behind a curtain, put the same torch on them, set them the same and you will not know the difference when welding.

    Just remember which ever one you choose that it is only a welder, everything breaks sooner or later and life goes on.

    Happy welding.

    Tec.Mo. Wholesale Distributor and Dealer
    Consumables for the PT and IPT torch's.
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    Monday, November 21 2016, 09:11 AM - #permalink
    Great review. I am a newbie (67 yr old Disabled Veteran) looking for a TIG machine. I'm torm between the AHP and the new Everlast 200PowerTIG 200 DV. Any thoughts?
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    Monday, January 30 2017, 06:16 PM - #permalink
    I have a Lincoln Squarewave 200 and I love it. In my opinion, in choosing a welding machine I would look at the history of the company. Lincoln has been making welding machines for many years. At one time pipeline welders would not use anything else but a Lincoln SA 200, there is a reason for this. More bells and whistles more to break down

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