Here’s a recently completed and fun project that may hold some interest for a few fellow Weekend Warrior Forum members, as welding, fabrication, transition solutions, and engine-driven stuff often go together. And, besides, the forum here is slow lately!

But, the video covers a lot, so I would also include photo clippings from the video too, along with the text description from the YouTube site itself, but the forum here doesn't post photos directly, so I'll include a link to a duplicate thread I've started at another forum, where the photo clippings are shown. Strangely, the Everlast Forum is having trouble posting photos lately too.

"Christian Livingstone shares his zero-turn mower re-powering project, going from a 12 HP Single cylinder motor to a 20 HP Twin cylinder overhead valve motor, to compensate for a larger mowing deck installation on his 1995 Dixon, model 3304. The video is somewhat lengthy, at about 78 minutes, so there may only be genuine appeal for the true riding mower enthusiasts. But, there is quite a bit of welding and fabrication demonstrated, including a custom, aluminum, diamond plate gas tank, along with a conversion from a vacuum actuated fuel pump to an electric fuel pump. An exhaust modification is made. Best practices for the bending of aluminum sheet to minimize cracking is shown. Some novice wiring and troubleshooting is done. A pulley ratio is changed, along with increasing the engine's top no-load speed to a seemingly modest 3100 RPMs, giving the mower a faster travel speed without outrunning the ability of the blade speed to give a finished cut. The application and use of pre-emergent herbicide is touched upon, along with some brief mention of incidental topics and views, too. A recap is given with rationales for most of the actions taken. On a couple video segments Christian is assisted by a neighbor/friend, who may be the first person in human history to TIG weld for the first time while having someone else doing the filler metal deposition. Otherwise, Christian humorously frames the project as a “Poor Man’s Jay Leno’s Garage: Dixon Mower Re-Power & Mods”.
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    Friday, March 03 2017, 09:18 PM - #permalink
    Hi Christian, Good video, very complete and informative. Especially when you had some problems and how you got around them. Very good.
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    Saturday, March 04 2017, 02:50 AM - #permalink
    Hey, thanks for that nice feedback.

    Yeah, I'm probably going to buy an identical, used 2bbl Nikki carb for that new engine. I spotted one for $50, free shipping, no State tax.

    The reason being, that there does seem to be some feedback that these style of Briggs Twins and Nikki carbs do run lean on the low side jets, which affects the ease in cold starting, which is still a bit of a problem for me without using startign fluid.

    But, the apparent solution is to mini drill out the two low side jet ports/channels to about .030, as these engines and carbs are apparent factory designed to run quite lean, undoubtedly due to EPA type pressure/coercion.

    So, I'll be a little careful by using the used carb as the test for that, rather than do it on the sole, original carb.

    I mean, the guy who did as much on his Briggs Twin, and claims it solved his starting problem, had his motor set up for hot rod mudding on his lawn tractor, so I'm not perfectly convinced it will be a solution for me. But, I'll happily take a $50 chance on it.
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    Tuesday, March 21 2017, 12:39 AM - #permalink
    Here’s an addendum video to the “Poor Man’s Jay Leno’s Garage” one. And while the parent video had some welding and fabrication involved, this one just gives some mower motor solutions. But, as the Spring season is now arriving, many fellow forum members here are undoubtedly getting their riding mowers with these type of motors ready for use, so maybe someone here will find some of the information helpful. It's about 20 minutes.

    "Christian Livingstone includes this video as an addendum to his “Poor Man’s Jay Leno’s Garage: Dixon Mower Re-Power & Mods” project. It shows the solutions for solving hard-starting and surging symptoms on Briggs Intek V-Twin motors, namely, valve lash adjustment, some subtle reaming-out of Nikki low-side carburetor jet journals, and a governor adjustment. Though not meant as an exhaustive step-by-step how-to guide, enough demonstration is given that many will undoubtedly find it helpful in solving the same problems with their own motors, but more detail is also given in the earlier, project video itself."
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