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Monday, February 20 2017, 08:14 AM
I read Kevin's post about where everyone is so I thought I would put up a post. My bosses daughter is getting married in April and my boss is trying to get everything ready. They want a ceder arch to use in the ceremony. He wanted two 1/4" plates with four ears welded on each to bolt the ceder post to. I had him come out and we went to work building them. Instead of just whipping out my torch and flaming it all I made him run the gauntlet of using the bandsaw, drilling the holes on my drill press and grinding the paint and stuff off the old plate. He thought it was pretty neat having the tools to do it up right, I told him that was the perks of owning a welding shop at one time. He wants to build some spikes to nail the corners down with and wanted them two feet long I laughed and told him way over kill and no way in hell he was driving a spike in two feet around here. Six spikes per 28x18 plate.
I did not take pics. but it was a good morning in the shop.
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    Monday, February 20 2017, 09:26 AM - #permalink
    Sounds like fun was had by all!
    I love my job!

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