Welding aluminum pipe and rod

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Monday, April 24 2017, 10:14 PM
Hello i need help with the settings for welding 6061 aluminum rod/pipe 1-3/8 solid sleeving into a 1-3/4 hollow 1/8 wall
with a
Lincoln invertec 205t ac/dc would like suggestions for amps and gas cfm. using 3/32 aluminum wire and tungsten
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    Friday, May 12 2017, 03:27 AM - #permalink
    Hi Todd, Are you REALLY going to weld 1-3/8 solid into 1- 3/4 pipe. Depending on how much solid you are using as to how many Amps you will need. I think you will need to be close to max and you may also need to pre-heat the alloy before welding. I would use an E3 electrode or a "layzir". to get the heat capabilities. 3/32 filler may disappear on you pretty fast at that heat as well. You may be better with 1/8 filler, 4043 or 4943. You will need about 16 cfh of gas.
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