17H Stubby Gas Lens Kit (Small)

Best amperage range: .3 amps - 90 amps
17H Stubby Gas Lens Kit (Small)17H Stubby Gas Lens Kit (Small)
17H Stubby Gas Lens Kit (Small)17H Stubby Gas Lens Kit (Small)
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  • The Weld.com 17H Stubby Gas Lens Kit (Small) is made to reduce the overall size of the torches mentioned. Once you install these stubby components, your torch is nearly as small as a 9 or 20 style torch. The Alumina nozzles are interchangeable with the 9 or 20. The gas lens will give you greater gas coverage while using less gas. This kit is designed for welding between .3 amps for micro welding and 90 amps. Note: We also sell this kit designed for up to 150 amps (17H Stubby Gas Lens Kit: Medium) and up to 250 amps (17H Stubby Gas Lens Kit: Large).

    This kit is specifically for the following torches:
    Trimline 210
    Standard 26

    The Kit includes:
    Collets: .020, .040, 1/16
    Gas Lens Collet Body: .020, .040, 1/16
    Back caps: Short , Medium, Long
    Alumina nozzles: #4, #5, #6
    Tungsten: 2% thoriated - .020 .040, 1/16
    TIG Torch Insulator
    Reusable TIG Torch Accessories Tool Box

  • Wednesday, 30 October 2013
    nice kit for low amp tig welding.
    Monday, 12 August 2013
    Wednesday, 24 April 2013
    Thanks for providing a kit that has everything needed to transform my 17 torch to a gas lens. I'm a novice and trying to find all the right accessories would have been much more difficult on my own.
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