Welders of Instagram: @cavemanwelder

Apr 2017 08
11 54 Sat
Written by Weld.com

This week we had the pleasure of sharing some work from one of our favorite welders on Instagram, Alex Brown (@cavemanwelder). Alex has some of the best looking welds out there, and we often get comments and requests to do  a "cavemanwelder" video. Alex has become notorious for his two, three and four rod TIG weaves; some of which we featured in the past week. We had some questions for Alex to see how he got started in the trade and what his advice is to high school students interested in welding. Read More

Welders of IG Showcase #1: @ram_nation58

Mar 2017 31
15 12 Fri
Written by Weld.com

It’s no secret that welders create some amazing creations. To people that don’t weld or fabricate, a good looking bead isn’t appreciated or admired like it is to one of us. Instagram has become a hotbed of welding talent and a community for some of the greatest welders in the world to share projects and great looking welds.

In an attempt to showcase some of our favorite welders on Instagram and show high school students what welders do on a daily basis, we started the #WeldersofIG campaign. Each week, we will choose a welder that excels at their craft and share their work daily on IG with a tribute to them here on Weld.com.

Bob Scout Merit Badge - Cowley College

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3 Tricks to Learn How to Walk the Cup

Mar 2017 16
17 49 Thu
Written by Weld.com

In honor of #weavewednesday we are going to do our best to help the newbies in our audience learn how to walk their cups to Instagram glory. If you’re just getting into welding and want to master one of the coolest techniques out there; this is for you. If you’re an experienced TIG welder and already know the ins and outs of walking the cup, read it anyway and add your two cents in comments!

Before we start, whip out your phone and check out Tho Nguyen (@gac1980) on Instagram. Tho can run some seriously slick weaves with a TIG torch, which is exactly what we will be attempting to learn today. 

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3 Ways to Film Better Arc Shots

Mar 2017 15
16 47 Wed
Written by Todd Clouser

One question that I get on a weekly basis is, “How do you film your arc shots?” or some rendition thereof. When I get asked the question, I normally explain that, unlike some channels, we have a camera person with some very nice camera equipment that knows how to set the camera for different scenarios.

Setting a camera to film a weld arc is very similar to how you set your power source for welding. If I asked you how you set your MIG welder to weld a piece of Steel, you would obviously need more information. You would probably follow up by asking for material thickness, position, bevel, etc. before responding with a helpful reply.

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