ArcOne's National Student Promotion Gets Even Better!

Jun 2014 13
18 32 Fri
Written by ArcOne

ArcOne┬« has been running a National Student Promotion that started in June 2014. A new promotion has just been announced that lowers prices on top quality welding helmets for students, even more! Supplies are limited, so if you are in the market for a new auto darkening welding helmet be sure to check into this promotion now. These are the same welding helmets that Mr. TIG uses and endorses on every episode of TIG Time. ArcOne┬« is offering our Vision┬« Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets with two filter style options in 3 Vision┬« Decals and the Black Vision┬« Helmets. 
The helmets that are currently offered in this promotion are the D54ST & I54ST               

D54ST310, 11VariableYY52IN7.25

ArcOne® will be offering students the following Black Vision® Helmets & Vision® Decals at the following prices:
                D54ST-1500 BLACK             $69.00                    I54ST-1500 BLACK                $79.00
                D54ST-1526 RED ROCK       $79.00                    I54ST-1526 RED ROCK         $99.00
                D54ST-1533 DRAGONFIRE  $79.00                    I54ST-1533 DRAGON FIRE    $99.00
                D54ST-1568 EASY RIDER    $79.00                    I54ST-1568 EASY RIDER      $99.00                
As a special part of these promotions, ArcOne® is offering each school the following free incentives:
v  Buy 10 (ten) helmets, get 1 (one) free helmet
v  Buy 20 (twenty) helmets, get 2 (two) free helmets plus 5 (five) welding jackets
If your school is eligible for free helmet (s) and or jackets, they will be instructed to submit the name of the school, the address, the instructorÔÇÖs name, a contact number, along with their original invoice, directly to ArcOne┬«.ArcOne┬« will then send out the free helmet (s) and or jackets directly to the school.
Your local ArcOne® representative is ready to answer all your questions or you can call ArcOne® sales at 800-223-4685.
On behalf of the entire ArcOne® team, thank you for your partnership and continued support.
Mary Ann Sullivan
Inside Sales Manager for ArcOne® Welding and Safety Products
Phone: 800-223-4685 Ext. 305
Fax: 508-884-9666

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United Performance Metals News

Jun 2014 02
11 03 Mon
Written by

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ArcOne Wants your Photos!

Jun 2014 01
16 20 Sun
Written by ArcOne

Do you have any ArcOne┬« products? Do you love taking photos? Do you enjoy taking photos of your ArcOne┬« products? If you've answered yes to these questions then you should be sending pictures to us! We may even feature it on our Instagram feed (@arconeweldsafe), our Facebook page or even tweet it on Twitter!

So, smile big and snap a selfie or take a picture of you in action with your gear and send them over to us. You can email us at, post them on our Facebook page or hashtag #arconeweldsafe or #arcone on Instagram and we will find you!

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Largest Pipe Welding Purge System Ever

May 2014 27
15 16 Tue
Written by Ron Sewell

Weld Butts in Pipe Diameters up to 80ÔÇŁ diameter can now be purged using the Argweld┬« QuickPurge┬«II Inflatable Pipe and Pipeline Weld Purging Systems.
QuickPurge®II showing RootGlo®

QuickPurge®II Pipe Weld Purging Systems have been designed to dramatically reduce weld purging times and deliver bright shiny oxide free welds irrespective of the size and the volume of the pipe. A central collar between the two inflatable dams reduces the volume to be purged to a small annulus.

Around the centre of the collar is a piece of ÔÇśRootGlo┬«ÔÇÖ illuminating strip that allows operators to see the centre of the purging system. RootGlo┬« holds its illuminating charge for 24 hours after which it can be recharged simply by exposing it to daylight
for ten minutes.

The PurgeGate® accessory is fitted to all QuickPurge®II Systems. PurgeGate® is a special device that prevents the purge gas input pressure to the Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging System from rising above 7.5 psi.

Even in the event that the gas pressure rises suddenly to 50 psi by error, only 7.5 psi can be allowed through to the inflatable dams so they are unlikely to burst due to over inflation.

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