3 Tricks to Learn How to Walk the Cup

Mar 2017 16
17 49 Thu
Written by Weld.com

In honor of #weavewednesday we are going to do our best to help the newbies in our audience learn how to walk their cups to Instagram glory. If you’re just getting into welding and want to master one of the coolest techniques out there; this is for you. If you’re an experienced TIG welder and already know the ins and outs of walking the cup, read it anyway and add your two cents in comments!

Before we start, whip out your phone and check out Tho Nguyen (@gac1980) on Instagram. Tho can run some seriously slick weaves with a TIG torch, which is exactly what we will be attempting to learn today. 

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3 Ways to Film Better Arc Shots

Mar 2017 15
16 47 Wed
Written by Todd Clouser

One question that I get on a weekly basis is, “How do you film your arc shots?” or some rendition thereof. When I get asked the question, I normally explain that, unlike some channels, we have a camera person with some very nice camera equipment that knows how to set the camera for different scenarios.

Setting a camera to film a weld arc is very similar to how you set your power source for welding. If I asked you how you set your MIG welder to weld a piece of Steel, you would obviously need more information. You would probably follow up by asking for material thickness, position, bevel, etc. before responding with a helpful reply.

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New Economical Coupon Cutting Machine for Welding Schools

May 2016 02
14 36 Mon
Written by Bug-O Systems

Pipe Coupon CutterThe PCC-1 Pipe Coupon Cutting Machine from Bug-O Systems is an ideal solution for welding schools and training facilities. The budget friendly machine is available at a fraction of the cost of a standard saddle & elbow cutter. The PCC-1 is used for cutting pipe to a desired length or for beveling the edge of a pipe for weld prep. The machine features a self-centering speed chuck, capable of gripping 0-8" O.D. pipe and 3-11" I.D. pipe. A racking group supports your plasma or oxy-fuel torch which can be setup for square or beveled cuts up to 12" in length. The variable speed control on the PCC-1 can be adjusted from 1-6 rpm. A rotary ground is included on the plasma version and a quick action manifold is supplied on the oxy-fuel version. The PCC-1 is available in both 110 volt and 240 models. Call or e-mail today to learn more: 1-800- 245-3186 x1940.

Bug-O Systems
161 Hillpointe Drive
Canonsburg, PA 15317
Phone: 1-800- 245-3186 x1940
E-mail: dkeil@weld.com
Website: www.bugo.com

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Bug-O Systems / Weld Revolution Partnership Announced

Feb 2016 10
15 02 Wed
Written by Bug-O Systems

Bug-O Systems Appointed Master Distributor of Weld Revolution SpinArcTM Welding Torches for USA and Mexico

Bug-O Systems is pleased to announce an exclusive OEM and Distribution relationship for SpinArcTM welding torches covering USA and Mexico.  Weld Revolution has also appointed BUG-O Systems as a global distributor for their product line.  Bug-O Systems provides mechanized welding systems that are fully integrated with Weld Revolution’s innovative and patented SpinArc™ welding torches.  The integration of the two systems provides a complete solution.  Fabricators and manufacturing companies will reduce their costs, increase productivity, and improve their quality by utilizing the advantages of mechanized SpinArc™ welding.

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