MultiStrike Tungsten Electrodes Offer Safer, Cheaper TIG Welding

Jul 2015 27
14 48 Mon
Written by HFT

A special recipe for TIG welding electrode material offers significant benefits in quality, cost, safety and ease-of-use, says its British developer. MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes, developed by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® were designed to address the growing concerns about the radio toxic thoria that is present in standard red tipped tungsten electrodes. It was found that other rare earth elements that are not radio toxic were also used in the industry for activating tungsten, as in the case of normal light bulbs and that a mixture of those elements added during the manufacturing process produced a superior tungsten electrode.

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Don't Over-inflate your Weld Purge System!

Jul 2015 23
14 46 Thu
Written by HFT

Many Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging Systems are at risk of overinflating during the weld purging process. As the heat of welding rises, the inflatable dams can expand beyond their safe limits and in addition, other personnel working near the welding area can vary the gas flow or pressure at random causing over inflation and bursting. Once a burst occurs, the purge is lost and the weld will immediately oxidise in the presence of incoming air. The welder will then have to cease welding, grind out the oxidation and then start the whole process again.

To prevent such bursts, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® has designed and now manufactures a PurgeGate® Valve System in order to prevent any over-pressurising of Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging Systems. These devices, which are fitted as standard on the HotPurge™ and QuickPurge® Systems (PurgeGate II), are offered as accessories for the PurgElite®, PurgExtra™ and any other manufacturers versions of Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging Systems. They have an easy push fit connection and are simply, plug and play. The PurgeGate® Valves fit all system sizes, from 1” to 96” and can be moved from system to system.

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3 Reasons you Should Consider Welding as a Career

Jul 2015 20
14 23 Mon
Written by Todd Clouser

Perhaps one of the oldest professions, welding is still a promising career path today. Welding entails using heat to melt and fuse metal objects. Civilizations have relied on this process to create strong bonds for everything from gold boxes to tools since the Bronze Age. Despite this dependence on welding, the trend among high school counselors in recent years has been to guide students toward universities instead of vocational schools. At the same time, welders of the baby-boom generation have been retiring, resulting in a shortage of welders in the United States. Compounding the problem is the spike in demand for welders that the country’s oil and natural gas boom has created. As this infographic Tulsa Welding School developed shows, individuals these days can find lucrative welding positions with opportunities to travel the world. 

1. Work in a Variety of Industries

Top Industries for Welders:

  • Manufacturing employs 61 percent of welders.
  • Construction provides jobs to 11 percent of welders. 
  • Wholesale trade keeps 5 percent of welders in work.
  • Other services account for 5 percent of welding jobs. 

2. Find a Job Close to Home

Bureau of Labor Statistics: States with the Highest Welding Employment Levels

  • Texas: 52,130 welders
  • California: 25,030 welders
  • Pennsylvania: 17,400 welders
  • Louisiana: 16,610 welders
  • Ohio: 15,560 welders

3. Travel the Country / World in your Career

Traveling Welding Jobs:

  • Manufacturing plant maintenance
  • Ship building
  • Military infrastructure construction and repair
  • Oil pipeline installation and repair
  • NASCAR and motor sports
  • Underwater welding
Check out the infographic, “Welding Career Paths,” to learn more about how to become a welder, what welders do, how much welders make—some are pulling in as much as $200,000 a year—and much, much more about this promising and dynamic career path. 
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5 Tools Every Handyman Needs

Jul 2015 20
13 22 Mon
Written by

Whether you failed wood-shop at school or became a professional trades person, a well-rounded toolkit is vital for keeping your home upright, functional and impressive. Not only are home projects fun, but you can build incredible things and save plenty of cash in the long run. What’s not to love! But before you rush out to find the cheapest tools that will rust and bend, or fill your shed with every conceivable tool that you may never use, have a look at the list below for suggestions about the 5 most important tools every handyman needs.
Welding Tools
Welding may not be the top of your immediate list of jobs around the house but you can be sure that over time, a high-quality set of welding supplies will be indispensible. From fixing your fence to building your own amazing backyard playset for the children, having welding tools in your toolkit gives you the opportunity not only to fix your home but also to improve it. Don’t underestimate their potential! If you aren’t sure where to start, or want some professional guidance on welding equipment, check out
Electric Drill
Anyone who has ever put together flat-packed furniture will tell you the evils of the Allen key. To avoid pained hands, and to speed up the pace of your home projects, invest in an electric drill. While it’s not appropriate to use an electric drill for every type of material, it will be able to save you time and energy for the vast majority of your projects. Just make sure you buy a few different heads for the drill so you can use it for a variety of screws.
Socket Wrench
Buy a socket wrench and never look back. If you have ever had to remove multiple bolts, you will know how time-consuming and awkward this process can be, particularly if there are obstructions. A socket wrench is cleverly designed to save you time, and to maximize efficiency, so you can have those bolts off in no time. It’s a small piece of equipment that can make a big difference to your mood.

Spirit Level
Having a spirit level on hand is the easiest way to stop the “no, a little bit to the left” arguments at home. Whether you are building a table or hanging a picture, having a spirit level in your toolbox takes the guesswork out of your project and will save yourself plenty of wasted time. Not only is it a great tool to have, but it is also one of the most affordable tools you can get, so you won’t break the bank in purchasing it.
Head lamp
This may seem a little odd at first, but you cannot overstate the value in having hands-free, high-beam light available to you in all situations. It doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase, either. Invest and save your eyesight and your project!
These are a just a few suggestions. What other tools do you think belong on this list? Share your answers below.

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