Bug-O Systems / Weld Revolution Partnership Announced

Feb 2016 10
15 02 Wed
Written by Bug-O Systems

Bug-O Systems Appointed Master Distributor of Weld Revolution SpinArcTM Welding Torches for USA and Mexico

Bug-O Systems is pleased to announce an exclusive OEM and Distribution relationship for SpinArcTM welding torches covering USA and Mexico.  Weld Revolution has also appointed BUG-O Systems as a global distributor for their product line.  Bug-O Systems provides mechanized welding systems that are fully integrated with Weld Revolution’s innovative and patented SpinArc™ welding torches.  The integration of the two systems provides a complete solution.  Fabricators and manufacturing companies will reduce their costs, increase productivity, and improve their quality by utilizing the advantages of mechanized SpinArc™ welding.

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TIG Welding with Pulse: Why Bother?

Jan 2016 20
16 54 Wed
Written by Weld.com

Many manufacturers of new low cost TIG machines are pushing the addition of pulse features on their machines. The fact of the matter is, pulse welding isn’t NEEDED all that often, but there are some instances where it is a big advantage. 

So what is pulse? To describe it simply, pulse welding will alternate your amperage input from a high setting to a low setting at the intervals in which you dictate. For instance, when you set your machine at 100 amps and 1 pulse per second with a background current of 50%; your machine will go from 100 amps to 50 amps and back to 100 amps every second. So now that you know what pulse is, why would you want to use it?

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HFT Releases New Gas Detection / Analyzing Instrument

Aug 2015 14
16 57 Fri
Written by HFT

For the first time, a unique Weld Purge Monitor® Gas Detection and Analyzing Instrument has been designed and developed that reads from atmospheric level of oxygen down to one part per million (ppm), breaking all technological boundaries in one instrument.
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited HFT® continues to grow its innovation of Weld Purge Monitors® that were designed and manufactured 40 years ago this September. The PurgEye® 600 incorporates the features and benefits of all the other Weld Purge Monitor® designs in the HFT® Family Range, but for the first time, this one instrument has a full range of measurement reading from atmospheric concentration (20.94%), down to 1 ppm, accurate to 10 ppm. Readings are indicated either as parts per million or in percentage.

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Weld Purge Film for Pipe Purging

Aug 2015 07
14 48 Fri
Written by HFT

When tubes and pipes of certain materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, copper nickel and zirconium are welded together it is desirable to purge the oxygen out of the inside of the weld zone to prevent it from reacting with the hot metal and causing oxidation, porosity and corrosion. Some products available include Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging Systems PurgElite®, QuickPurge® and HotPurge™. These systems require an open end to enable the system to be retrieved after the weld is finished, meaning it is impossible to use one of these tandem system for closing welds. To overcome this difficulty Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT® has developed and manufactured Argweld® Weld Purge Film® kits, with water soluble materials that can be used for open assemblies and closing welds. The Film produces an impenetrable purge barrier, but which can easily be washed away when hydrostatically testing the pipe or just by normal wash out.

To obtain a quality purge is not easy and it has been customary to fill pipes with expensive argon gas and keep the gas running at what is thought to be a suitable flow rate for an estimated period of time. In today’s climate of ever improving quality control and increasing demands on procedures with traceability, it is inappropriate to use such hit and miss methods to guarantee a satisfactory purge. It is not desirable to simply pour gas into a pipe assembly in the hope that a good purge and ultimately, a good weld will be achieved. This technique rarely works. It is so easy to cut a circle of water soluble film and place it a short distance inside each pipe end, before welding, using the Argweld® Super Water Soluble Adhesive™ to ensure a leak tight barrier, keeping the purging volume to the barest minimum. Argweld® Weld Purge Film® will save  operators large costs by minimizing gas usage and cutting down dramatically on time taken to make a purge. After welding, the water soluble film is simply washed away during the standard hydrotest cycle or by simply washing of the pipe interior and dissolved down to molecular level leaving no trace.

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